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Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panels with Steel Posts for Perimeter Security Fencing Uses

Dongfang supplies pre-galvanized welded wire mesh panels for low level anticlimb mesh barriers.

The Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Mesh Fences and Posts are coated with standard zinc thickness in “g/m2”. The holes can be rectangular or square mesh. Also known as hardware cloth.

Popular Welded Mesh Fencing Systems as following are offered and we welcome custom orders and drawings.

Welded Wire Fence with Corrosion Resisting Zinc Plating Treatment:

Hardware Cloth

HDG Zinc Plated Welded Mesh Cloth for Perimeter Fencing Uses

Wire mesh: 4mm diameter, a rectangular opening of 2 ”x4” holes. 2” with the linear length (8’), 4” with the width (7’ ). The fence mesh is standard 7’ tall, 8’ wide, 2” opening horizontally and 4” opening vertically.

Fence Posts: 60mmX60mm square and 2mm thick, 3m long.

Brackets: Metallic steel C bracket or M bracket

Post cap, nuts, bolds for fixing mesh fence to the posts.

Galvanized Fence Panel of Square Wire Mesh Welded + Steel Post

Steel post of 2" diameter x 10-11' long. The post base needs to be for a 2" square fence post fastening to a concrete wall.
Fence pole anchors and Y steel fence post of 1.5m and 1.8m to hang the netting.
2.5mm high tensile galvanised fence wire with quality galvanising finish.

Pre Galvanised Welded Mesh Temporary Fencing and Star Pickets

Temporary Fencing wire with Star Picket for Australia & New Zealand.
Welded Wire Mesh Hardware Cloth, Black Steel or Stainless Steel

1. gauge: bwg 12 to 24
2. mesh: 1/4", 3/8", 5/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" to 6"
3. width: 2' to 7'
4. length: 10' to 300'
5. color: green,black or as special requirements

Common size

Gauge Mesh/inch mesh/mm
2.0MM/2.6MM 4X 2 100mmX50mm
1.9MM/2.5MM 3X 2 75mmX50mm
1.9MM/2.5MM 2X 2 50mmX50mm
1.9MM/2.5MM 2X 1 50mmX25mm
1.9MM/2.5MM 3X 2 75mmX50mm
0.8MM/1.1MM 1/2X1/2 12.5mmX12.5mm
0.6MM/0.7MM 3/4X 3/4 19.5mmX19.5mm


Anti-corrosion Welded Mesh with Pre-Galvanized Wire

Also supply: Welded Fence Wire with PVC Coating Finished Steel Material. 

Plastic Coated & Galvanized Iron Wire Fence Temporary Barriers

Welded mesh can be used with barbed wire tops for security perimeter fencing uses.

Other fences with posts we supply:
Chain link mesh fence system;
Cattle Fencing;
Euro Holland Fence;
Chicken wire fencing.

Our Products
GI and HDG Steell Fence Post
Plastic/ Enamel Coated Steel Posts
Australia Type Y-Post
Studded T-Post( USA Type)
T/L-Post (Euro Type) Post
Fence Staples
Fence Post Spikes
U Fence Post
Fence Used Common Nail
Y Post Supported Razor Barbed Wire
358 Mesh Fence
Hot Dipped Welded Mesh Fence with Posts
Galvanized Wire Mesh Fence with Posts
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