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Steel Post Spikes ( Star Picket Post Anchors ) for Fixing of Fencing Posts

Ground Anchors Electro Galvanized Finish for Star PicketsDongfang exports with fence panels, posts, metal post spikes, sockets, anchors and other fencing fittings. The heavy metal spikes are 24 or 30 inches long with a metal box (usually 4" x 4") attached to the top, designed to hold the base of a wooden fence post or star pickets. Using of post anchors is simple and easy. Just drive the post spike into the ground where the fence post is to be installed, and then insert the fence post into the metal box.


Post Socket Anchors for Star Posts:

Made of steel plate and pipes, in a height of 450 mm as standard, a thickness of 3.5mm as standard.

Finishes: PVC painted or galvanized.

We Offer Galvanized Steel or Iron Fence Post Spike or Post Anchor and Wire Nails Screws:

Post Spike Anchors

Post Spikes for Anchoring of Australian Type Fencing Gates


Green Plastic Coated Steel Spikes

Wire Nails with Ring Shanks

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