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Black Steel Y Post ( Star Pickets ) for Australian and New Zealand Security Fencing Uses

Y fence posts are metal star pickets popularly used in Australian and New Zealand market, also known as Australia Fence Post. Dongfang sells large quantities of Y Posts ( Star Pickets ) to Australia. Most popular types are Black Steel Bitumen Coated Star Pickets of 165cm and 180cm in length, 7 hole punched for fixing metal mesh panels with screws or fasteners. For 165cm Black steel Y posts, 7600 post can be loaded per container for shipment.

Y Posts Varieties:
- Black Bitumen coated steel tubular or bar fence post
- Bright Hot-dip galv. star picket post or electro galvanized, or black bitumen coated
- Black, Green and other colors PVC-coated steel post
- Black steel Y Posts (Star Pickets) to Australia & New Zealand, packed in 1 X 20ft container, 165 cm Y Post Pickets of 1.90g/sm (approx 7,200 Star Pickets per container loading)

Post Length:0.45M,0.6M,0.9M,1.35M,1.5M,1.65M,1.8M,2.1M,2.4M,3.0M
Usual weight: 1.25kg/m,1.38kg/m,1.58kg/m,1.86kg/m,1.9kg/m,2.04kg/m
Material: Q235 carbon steel
Surface treatment: non-painted black steel, black Bitumen painted, HDG, electric galvanized.

Y fence posts are used for support and installation of protective wire mesh fencing system for express highway and express railway; security fencing of beach farming, fish farming and salt farm; and garden fences.

Black Steel Y Posts for Garden Fences Stabilizing  PVC Coated Steel Y Posts for Australian and New Zealand Market Fencing Uses

High Security Fence Supportted with Y Post and Concertina Razor Wire Coils

Panel Specification:

Panel  Mesh  Wire Thickness Surface Treatment Panel Width Folds NOS. Panel
Fence Height
Big Panel 50x100mm
Galvanized and 
Electrostatic polyester coated or PVC coated
4 2000mm 2700mm
5 2300mm 3200mm
6 2600mm 3700mm
2 530mm 2700mm
V panel 630mm 3200mm
730mm 3700mm

Fence Post specifications:
Finish: Galvanized and Electrostatic polyester powder coated.
Profile: 60*60*2mm/2.5 thic.
Length: 2700mm I+530mm V; 3100mm I+630mm V;   3600mm I+730mm V;
Base Plate: available on request.
Rainhat: plastic or metal. 

Y Star Picket Posts, Hot Dipped Galvanized
Material: Common steel of Q235
Surface: Hot dip galvanized.
Packing: 10pcs/bundle, 400pcs/pallet.

Y Post for Australian and New Zealand Market

Length 0.45M 0.60M 0.90M 1.35M 1.50M 1.65M 1.80M 2.10M 2.40M
Holes (Australia) 2 3 5 11 14 14 14 7 7
Holes (New Zealand)       7 7 7 8    
Measurement Y Post Star Picket Length
0.45M 0.60M 0.90M 1.35M 1.50M 1.65M 1.80M 2.10M 2.40M 2.70M 3.00M
2.04kg/M 1089 816 544 363 326 297 272 233 204 181 163
1.90kg/M 1169 877 584 389 350 319 292 250 219 195 175
1.86kg/M 1194 896 597 398 358 325 298 256 224 199 179
1.58kg/M 1406 1054 703 468 422 383 351 301 263 234 211

Dongfang also supply Galvanized and Powder Coated Steel Picket Fences:

Powder Coated Steel Picket Fence

Top Profiles

Specifications Available
2,04kg/1.58kg PER METER STANDARD

Length(cm) 45 60 90 135 150 165 180 210 240
Perforated Holes 2 3 5 11 14 14 14 7 7
          7 7 8    

Made of plain carbon steel, weather proofed and coated to prevent premature rusting.

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